GnarJars Mini w/ Hemp Flower – 15% CBD


  • Craft hemp flower grown in living soil and glass jar cured for 45 days. Buy the best hemp flower online. Organic, small batch, terpene rich, high CBD hemp flower from Dreamland Organics.
  • Strain – Epic Sunrise : Sativa Hemp Flower : 15% CBD
  • Epic Sunrise“, a sativa dominant, limonene-laced beauty which is reminiscent of haze, but with a cheesy, skunky underlay. The aroma is of grapefruit mixed with parmesan. The effect is a light, subtle calm, sans the sleepy time vibes. A great “day smoke”, a few puffs of this lil’ lady will have your sunrises “Epic” and chill. 15% CBD, NO DELTA 9 THC!   


Hand fed organic compost teas and grown in living soil. Taste the difference of premium hemp flower!

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